The very first shooting at JC Living

[Shirt, top tank, black jeans, shoes, sunglasses all from Thailand and hat from TJMAX]
Today is our very first time shooting (together) in this place, JC Living. We all leave here like almost 6 months but we have only couple more months left because i'll graduate this year, 2 of my friends will do it next year and one more will do it in 2 years. I really feel sick because i'll miss them and all things we're done here. I've been with friend, i've spent university and dorm life before but i've never felt like this time. We probably stay together whole day: same bedroom, same eating place, same living room, same bathroom, and especially we all have fought, got problems and solved it together. There was a very memorial time and i can swear that i won't forget it at all. Miss you all my JC Living, room no. S103 friends.

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