one day while stuck on bad traffic jam

I didn't even know what was happened that day while me and friend were driving back to our sweet apartment from downtown. There was a very bad traffic jam and we stuck on the road like almost 3 hours. So damn long! and we both got a bit bored that time. Luckily i brought the camera with me hehe. So we just tried to enjoy bad traffic a little bit with taking photos ;)

Night out with my girls!

[blazer, top tank, skirt, shoes, small bag, accessories all from BKK, Thailand, belt from Hong Kong]

It's almost done final exam and of course we'll rarely meet up because we all will graduate and have to survive by ourselves. 2 friends above are girls from my group in the university and we've different characters and styles. Meaw (a girl in 2 tones dress), she's pretty smart and diligent. Now she's working as tutor freelance and she'll study abroad at Russia after graduation's day about literature. Tippie (a girl in pink dress), she's so smart and genius. She's working as tutor freelance also and same plan like Meaw that they both will study abroad but Tippie will study about international relationship or politic as she likes. Even we've different style to live but we've one thing very common is FRIENDSHIP xoxo


VIP Connection 02: in collaboration with Bangkok Fashion Society by HIPSTER´S EVENTS


[Greyhound dress, ZARA socks and belt, Converse sneakers, hat from TJMAX, accessories from wholesale market, Sampeng, BKK, Thaialand.]

VIP Connection 02: Fashion (in collaboration with Bangkok Fashion Society) by HIPSTER´S EVENTS
Location: HANSAR Bangkok Hotel, Thailand. We went there a bit lare, the party was so awesome tho. Because we got to know lots of people in fashion field. Won't miss next party :)


Palio, Kao Yai - Korat, Saraburi - Nakornradchaseema

[Black top tank, mommy's shirt, forever 21 belt and shorts, hats from TJMAX and flats]

Palio is a group of walking street and shopping center with ancient Europe or Little Italy style. There are shopping places, cowboy style restaurants, parks, cafes, bars and mores. Besides, there's events and activities every months (check it out from their website below). Especially for people who still like city life but wanna be out of town. Palio is one more good choice to visit.

How to visit Palio, http://www.palio-khaoyai.com/?page=map about 2 hours from Bangkok by car. You can take bus "Bangkok-Pakchong" then take motorbike or Rodsongtaew only 180 bath, or by minivan from Victory monument 6.00am.-20.00pm. everyday.

Then you will imagine that you're in Italy (but it's differently hot ;p).