Greyhound A/W 2010

Greyhound was established in Thailand since 1980 by Panu Ingkawat started with men's casual wear then in 1990 expanded to handle women's wear, leather and accessories. Their concept is "Chic + Contemporary + Simple But Never be Boring" even time was gone many years the style is never changed. The success of Greyhound original was originated to Playhound by Greyhound and Hound & Friend by Greyhound.

Latests Project

Project 1.1 by Greyhound for men

Remaining as the same tone colour; beige, white, black, gray with Magenta pink and Cobalt blue. This collection is provided for men who has casual routine lifestyle: work at morning and carry to go party for tonight with chic and a lil bit neat style.    


Needa collect all stuffs today!!

Heading to Marc Jacobs shop!!

Finally! We found Marc Jacobs, the shop that we took time for almost 3 hours by walk finding it. Anyway, we got every souvenir we needed. XD

We were taking a break at MC Donald before continued finding subway back home.

This was our last day in NYC. And next day morning we need to go to Soho real fast to get NYX cosmetics for my friends order. Then afternoon was time to get back home, Thailand. It was the most perfect week in USA. from 3 months here. As i said last time, i won't miss to get back here again, promise :)) Anyway, Goodbye NYC for sure, see me again when summer arrives with enough pocket money haha ;p


Tryna update more from last post.

Im wearing...

Green dress and Leather Jacket are from Shop in Thailand.

Urban outfitter pants

American eagle flat.


These all are from the same set of last post. I was trying to post is so many times but it didn't work because of sucking internet :((. I got this dress from a shop in Thailand just $4. I worn it a lots. So now i just made it as my tee. Because all my tee at that time still didn't launder yet hehe.


Anyway, I had fun at NYC, till now im still  missing there and really wanna get back there again if possible. I won't miss to get back there next time, swear!! 


Have some shooting from my Canon 1000D

She is wearing...
H&M coat
H&M legging
Urban outfitter shoes
all rings from my own shop :))

When we were still in NYC. These were our new fashion shoot we did. I wanted to take more pictures but it was raining almost everyday and of course it was a lil bit dark and no sunshine. But we didn't mind that, just take it night time with flash light haha.